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Product Description: AC PDU DSB 1 Phase 220V/30A-8 is a single-phase power distributor suitable for the power distribution in the AC load of branch channel terminals.

Product Introduction:
The AC PDU DSB 1 Phase 220V/30A-8 is a single-phase AC power distributor specifically developed by APM Technologies for the power distribution at the branch channels of an AC power distribution board. In the event of an abnormal condition such as system overcurrent or short circuit, the appliance will immediately sound an alarm and activate a circuit protection so as to ensure the single-phase AC power supply can be safely and reliably used by the yacht’s loadings.

The AC PDU DSB 1 Phase 220V/30A-8 has integrated the following functions: remote power distribution control (PDC), Overcurrent Protection (OCP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), cascading expanding, CAN communication and so on. It has the advantages of high-level integration, simple appliance installation & power distribution, superior performance, complete protection measures, safe and reliable, exquisite appearance, etc

Areas of Application:

For the power supply system of yachts and boats.

Product Features:
Support for NMEA 2000 communication protocol.

Real-time online detections for the input values of voltage, current, and frequency as well as for the ON/OFF status of circuit breakers.
Supports 1 channel of AC input and many channels of AC output, and equips with corresponding LED light indicators.
Support for the remote automatic control of the ON/OFF of circuit breakers.
 OCP and SCP protection functions, and LED light indicators for status indications and malfunction alarm functions.
Modular design for ease of capacity expansion to increase the numbers of power supply channel for loadings.
 Communication with monitoring center through the CAN interface, reserve two RS485 communication interfaces, and visually display on a monitoring device the operating status, parameters, and alarm information.
Operation panel with backlight display function


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