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Product Model: MPBI 60-3

Product Description: Battery isolator (MPBI 60-3) is a device used to allow for the charging of three battery packs with a single charger, as well as to prevent the flow of electric current from one battery to another.

Product Introduction:
Battery isolator is designed to distribute the charge current between several batteries with the same nominal voltage. The battery isolator prevents the current from flowing from one battery to another. It is also can be used as alternator energize input.

Areas of Application:
For the power supply system of yachts and boats.

Product Features:
● Lower voltage drop reach to 0.35 V
● Fitted with a compensation diode.
● Can be used to start the alternator.
● Easy to connect and maintain.

Exterior Dimensional Diagram:
(W * H * D)=165.0 mm * 102.0 mm * 48.0 mm 


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