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Product Model: 1.LVDS 12/500 ; 2.LVDS 24/500
Product Description: LVDS (Battery LVDS) is a smart controller comprises of a magnetic drive switch, high-current fuse, and high precision Hall-effect current sensor for the protections of battery charging and discharging processes.
Product Introduction:

Battery Low Voltage Distributor (LVDS) is a smart controller specifically designed for the protections of battery system from being over charged or discharged. The appliance comprises of a magnetic drive switch, high current fuse, and a high-precision Hall-effect current sensor. When the LVDS is used together with APM Technologies’ Battery Management System (BMS-LA 500), it can achieve a smart management and remote control on a battery system. The appliance is equipped with the “LATCH ON” manual override mode that enabling the appliance’s emergency bypass function, and with the “LOCK OFF” mode that enabling its manual switch off function, and thus allowing for a convenient & safe operation as well as maintenance of the corresponding battery system.

Application Field:

For the centralized collection & management of navigation information for yachts.


Product Features:
Use in conjunction with the BMS-LA500 to achieve a smart battery management and remote control.
Advanced silver alloy high current capacity contact to assure a safer and reliable operation.
Magnetic drive switch with low power consumption that constitutes a safer and more reliable equipment.
Manual override control mode for emergency operation.
With the “LOCK OFF” mode for a safe operation and maintenance.

High product integration and exquisite appearance.

Outline of External Dimensions

External Dimensions(W * H * D)= 300.0 mm * 200.0 mm * 83.0 mm


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