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Product Model:
1.MPD 24/24-20/580 
2.MPD 24/12-35/500

Product Description: DC-DC Converter is a DC source appliance used for the conversion & voltage isolation of DC sources.The MPD also can charge connected batteries with a smart 3-stage charging algorithm
Product Introduction:
MPD series DC-DC Converter is a device uses to convert and isolate DC current and voltage. The converter is capable of converting 12V, 24V and 48V DC power sources into isolated and regulated 12V, 24V or 48V DC power sources, respectively. These DC power sources are stable, accurate and highly efficiency for powering various DC electrical appliances in a yacht. The MPD DC-DC Converter is applied between batteries and electrical appliances for providing a safe and high-efficient electrical isolation, and it can also be used as an electrical charger.

MPD DC-DC Converter adopts a high-frequency switching technology, and is featured by highly accurate voltage regulation, low output noise level and strong anti-EMI ability. It can provide a safe and high-efficient electrical isolation between a battery pack and electrical appliances as well as serve as an emergency charger for the batteries.

Application Field:

For the power supply system of yachts and boats.
Product Features:

● Support for NMEA 2000 communication protocol.

● Allow for load/charge dual operating mode.

 Adopt a smart 3-stage charging algorithm.

 Support for multiple/customized battery types.

● Support for multiple appliances in parallel mode for power capacity expansion.

● Built-in protection functions OVP, UVP, OCP,OTP and SCP.


 Outline of External Dimensions:

External Dimensions(W * H * D)=161.0 mm * 223.0 mm * 62.0 mm


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