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Product Model:
1.MPI 24V DC/2KW-230V AC 
2.MPI 24V DC/3KW-230V AC 

                                            Product Description: MPI series Inverters convert battery DC power into AC power to provide the power supply required by AC appliances. They are featured by high power density, high anti-interference ability and complete protection measures.

Product Introduction:
MPI series Inverters convert battery DC power into AC power to provide the power supply required by AC appliances in yachts in the absence of shore power or AC generator. The Inverters adopt a high-frequency switching technology which enables the efficient inversion of DC power to a safe, stable, and reliable pure sine wave AC output power. The MPI series Inverters are specifically designed for yacht applications, and they are featured by high power density, high anti-interference ability, and complete protection measures. When use in conjunction with a Marine Power Charger (MPC), the MPI series Inverters can effectively reduce the amount of fuel waste and lower the level of noise pollution on yachts, and subsequently creating a tranquil and comfortable yacht recreational space.

Application Field:
For the power supply system of yachts and boats.

Product Features:
 Offering a series of products for the users to select, and have complete functions with superior performance which are suitable to use for the boats and yachts of different size.
● Suitable for different battery types, and equipped with complete battery management measures which can prolong the service life as well as improve the utilization rate of the batteries.
● Employ an advanced high-frequency inverting technology that enables the supply of low distortion pure sine wave power output to electrical appliances.
● Up to 92% of inversion efficiency.
● High instantaneous overload capacity allows the users to configure electrical appliances easily.
● Intuitive and user-friendly interface, simple to operate, and have an option for using LCD monitoring panel for performing touch-screen quick operations.
 Support for power capacity expansion through the N+1 parallel mode connection, and support for high power applications as well as power redundancy needs.
● Support for NMEA 2000 communication protocol, and remote monitoring.
 Wall-mounted installation, simple to install and easy to maintain.

Outline of External Dimensions:

External Dimensions(W * H * D)=312.0 mm * 394.0 mm * 158.0 mm


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