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Product Model:
1.MPC 24v/20a-/230v ac
2.MPC 24v/30a-/230v ac
3.MPC 24v/40a-/230v ac
4.MPC 24v/60a-/230v ac
5.MPC 24v/80a-230v ac 
6.MPC 24v/100a-230v ac

Product Description: MPC(Charger)is a high-frequency smart charging device which charges a battery by converting the AC to DC. The Charger adopts 3-stage charging algorithm and is capable of monitoring the battery status and operating information in a real-time manner

Product Introduction:
Marine Power Charger (MPC) is a high-frequency smart charging device which converts AC to DC for charging batteries. It is a high-efficient and smart charger self-developed by APM Technologies. MPC adopts a 3-stage charging algorithm, and is capable of monitoring the status and operating information of batteries in a real-time manner, thus making the charging process safer and more reliable.

Application Field:
For the power supply system of yachts and boats.

Product Features:
Support for NMEA 2000 communication protocol .
Temperature compensation function.
Voltage compensation function.
Smart 3-stage charging algorithm.
Multiple options for battery charging procedure.
Equipped with DIP switch function for settings of operating mode.
With protection functions for OCP, OLP, OCP, and SCP.
Intuitive display of charger operating status and charge current by LED indicators.
Very low electromagnetic interference to yacht VHF communication devices (156 MHz to 165 MHz electromagnetic radiation 24 dB uV/m).
Support for multiple appliance connected in parallel mode (Parallel mode connection is not suitable for these two MPC models MPC24/20 -120/230 and MPC24/30-120/230).
Configure with 2 or 3 sets of charging output terminals (3 sets of charging output terminals are only applicable to MPC24/20-120/230 and MPC24/30-120/230).


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